About Us

The Friends of Old St Paul's Incorporated was formed in 1965 to initially save the then-to-be-demolished St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington New Zealand.

We now continue to assist to raise the profile and help the public to enjoy this wonderful historic wooden church, now run and managed by Heritage New Zealand.

People we work with

The Friends of Old St Paul's are proud to work alongside Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga who care for Old St Paul's.

The volunteers, who are essential to help with all aspects of what we do, cannot be thanked enough. Without them, we would not be able to operate.

We are also pleased to acknowledge and thank organisations who have so generously supported our work recently:

  • The Adam Foundation
  • Wellington City Council Creative Communities Fund
  • New Zealand Post

As well as those who have donated through collections or personally and by bequest.

Spire Repair